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6 - Tyler's 'Foamerger' Midge

6 - Tyler's 'Foamerger' Midge

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Brought to you by Eclipse’s newest tyer, Tyler Boroff.  Tyler is a full-time guide in Colorado, and is also a Fulling Mill Fly Designer, specializing in midges and all things super tiny.  We’re super stoked to have him on the team!

Tyler’s ‘Foamerger’ is an emerging midge pattern that comes with high commendation.  This wonderfully versatile fly is viable for almost any aquatic situation, and is effective throughout the water column.  A dark, subtly segmented body imitates a prolific and consistent source of food found year-round.  A developing wing-pad, slender body, and resin coat make this pattern both lifelike as well as durable.  This kit includes SIX (6) flies, and is available in sizes #20, #22, and #24.  (Tied on a Firehole 317 - sizing on the 317 is slightly larger than that of our other midge hooks)  

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