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Complex Twist Bugger

Complex Twist Bugger

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Proudly brought to you by Eclipse streamer tyer, Howie Fischer.  

The ‘Complex Twist Bugger’ is an extra spicy variation of the fly we all love.  Woolly Buggers are ubiquitous worldwide, and adding to their profile only helps their effectiveness.  Tied with a combination of synthetic and natural materials, it gives a beautifully life-like and attractive profile.  Classic Marribou, UV Polar Flash and Shlappen, topped off with a heavy cone-head make this fly uniquely versatile and fun to fish.  It can be drifted, swung, or retrieved in both swift and still water, and makes for an excellent multi-species pattern.  Tied with a Firehole 811 barbless hook, and is currently available in size #6. 

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