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6 - Walt's Worm, Olive, Traditional
6 - Walt's Worm, Olive, Traditional

6 - Walt's Worm, Olive, Traditional

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The traditional 'Olive Walt's Worm' is a counterpart to the jig-style shop staple.  This renowned pattern is suitable for any outing, and features an unmatched color scheme.  A carefully dubbed body creates an effective profile that enables even segmentation with Opal Tinsel.  Because of its precarious in nature, the tinsel ribbing is now secured with hidden super glue to allow for the more durable Walt's Worm on the market.  Tied with competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these flies will sink rapidly, drift properly, and aid in a smooth fighting/landing process.  


This kit includes SIX (6) flies and is available in sizes #12, #14, and #16. (#12/#14 tied with 3.3mm tungsten bead, #16 tied with 2.8mm tungsten bead)

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