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6 - Super Squirrel
6 - Super Squirrel

6 - Super Squirrel

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The 'Super Squirrel' is a pimped out pattern with crazy potential.  With a larger than usual, mottled tungsten bead, this fly is designed for heavier water and picky fish (and is equally worthy in opposing conditions).  With a matching, proprietary blend of Fox Squirrel, Black UV Ice Dub, and Caddis Green UV Ice Dub, the Super Squirrel features a color scheme that is universally appealing.  An excess of material that is subsequently brushed out provides supreme imitation and subsurface action.  

Tied with competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these flies will sink rapidly, drift properly, and aid in a smooth fighting/landing process.  

This kit includes SIX (6) flies and is available in sizes #12 and. #14.  (Both sizes tied with a 3.5mm mottled tungsten bead)

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