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6 - Pink Squirrel Nymph
6 - Pink Squirrel Nymph

6 - Pink Squirrel Nymph

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A new pattern to hit the shop for 2020, the ‘Pink Squirrel’ nymph is a wildly buggy fly that is useful in any scenario.  A fox squirrel dubbed body that is aggressively bushed out creates an effect that fish have a hard time refusing.  With a fluorescent thread collar and pink tungsten head, this fly acts as both a solid imitation as well as an attractor pattern.  It can be fished by itself, as a point fly, or as a dropper.  Tied with competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these flies will sink rapidly, drift properly, and aid in a smooth fighting/landing process.  ** 3.3mm bead might be a slightly darker pink  ** 

This kit includes SIX (6) flies and is available in sizes #14, #16, and #18.  (#14 and #16 both tied with 3.3mm tungsten bead, #18 tied with a 2.8mm tungsten bead)

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