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3 - Slumpbuster, Olive
3 - Slumpbuster, Olive

3 - Slumpbuster, Olive

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The 'Slumpbuster' is a tried and true pattern that is supremely effective as a European-style Streamer.  Brought to you by Eclipse streamer tyer Howie Fischer, this fly is designed to tip the odds in your favor.  Effective coloring and weighting give this fly ideal subsurface action, which can be dead-drifted or used as a streamer.  Featuring select grade pine squirrel, brushed Polar Vampire dubbing and a gold tungsten bead, this fly will match your stream biology and get major looks. Fish this fly solo, or trail a dropper off its back for exceptional results in any situation.   

This kit includes THREE (3) flies and is currently available in size #10.  (Tied with a 3.8mm tungsten bead)

 Eclipse Fly Co has a current production time of  days, and guarantees ultimate satisfaction with every product.  Each fly is put through rigorous quality control and will arrive as pictured!