About Us

Eclipse Fly Co. is dedicated to elevating your angling experience by providing a superior product and an unmatched customer experience. The Eclipse catalog features flies exclusively made in the US by accomplished tyers throughout the nation. Our unique approach allows for a selection of flies that is loaded with variety and backed by years of collective experience. Fish at ease knowing that each fly was made specifically for you with care, attention, and devotion to the craft.


Lisa John

Scott Hetzer, Owner - VA

Scott began Eclipse Fly Co. in 2018 while working as an Orvis-endorsed guide in Va. A love for fly fishing and a passion to share it with others made pursuing an angling career imperative. Now as a full time commercial tyer and business owner, he is eager to bring more high quality flies into the market and provide a platform for talented tyers from within our community. @eclipseflyco

Jane Doe

Tyler Boroff - CO

As a full time guide and fly designer, Tyler brings heat to the Eclipse catalog. His attention to detail and innovative tendencies have helped us expand our offerings with many of his favorite patterns. Tyler’s war chest is stacked with potential and backed by serious expertise. Patterns: Deadcase Midge, Foamerger Midge, Sun Ray Midge, Sunset Baetis - @tysbff

Cartherin Forres

Jason Bromwell - GA

Jason’s ability to create one-of-a-kind flies is clear evidence of a deep passion for the craft. Rigid standards and an ability to create a well-balanced fly make his work world-class. As a prolific commercial tyer, Jason knows exactly what makes a good fly, and is excited to share his work with others. Patterns: Double Plump Chubby, Purple Haze, Fried Egg - @highflyingflies

Cartherin Forres

Timmy Chen - TX

A man for all seasons, Timmy offers a wide range of knowledge as well as an artistic approach. When not at the vise, he can be found helping customers at Orvis Plano or performing Double Bass with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Timmy’s eye for detail and unique style result in some killer patterns that Eclipse is lucky to have. Patterns: Coyote Peeper, Flashback Pheasant Tail - @tlcflies

Cartherin Forres

Ryan Walker - MO

Master of the large game, Ryan is responsible for the flies in the shop that are on big hooks. With years of experience in both trout and bass angling, his influences have resulted in patterns that are deadly regardless of which species is being targeted. The proof is in the pudding with Ryan’s flies, of which we are lucky to have available in the shop! Patterns: Meathead, The Scrat - @ozarkssmallmouthalliance

Cartherin Forres

Ben Lubchansky - WI

Ben makes short work of designing a fly and tweaking it to perfection. His tying versatility is made evident by the wide range of flies he contributes to the catalog. Whether drifted along the bottom, or skated along the surface, Ben’s flies will do the job well. When not at the vise, he can be found guiding and spending time with friends and family in Southwest Wisconsin. Patterns: Ungamunga Hopper, Ungamunga Cricket, Zen Scud - @twowickliving

Cartherin Forres

Kyle Ludwig - MO

Like many of us, the moment Kyle picked up a fly rod there was no turning back. Being adept at both the cold and warm water game, he brings a wealth of information and variety to the shop. His range of tying skills and passion for the craft make for an awesome team member. Patterns: Chernobyl Caddis, Foam Beetle - @fly_tying_with_ludwig

Cartherin Forres

Greg Mullenax - WV

A life-long angler and early inductee into the world of tying, Greg has great experience in both warm and cold water fishing/tying. Though self-taught, he credits the work of the greats for influencing his style. From filling bins in his local shop to now selling online, Greg’s ability to produce consistent and deadly flies is top notch! Patterns: Sparkle Sculpin - @gregwv

Cartherin Forres

Mark Devey - UT

Mark’s passion for angling and the environment go hand in hand. Despite being busy obtaining his Master’s degree in watershed science, he is able to crank out some incredible flies for the catalog. Mark’s proficiency and experience in dry fly tying/fishing make him an excellent fit for the crew. Patterns: Stimulator - @freestone_flyfisher