About Eclipse Fly Co.

Eclipse Fly Co is a premium fly service dedicated to providing unmatched quality and customer service.  In an industry dominated by mass-production, Eclipse offers an alternative that brings fly tying back home and helps bolster our angling community.  With extreme care, meticulously selected materials, and an evolving product line, Eclipse offers an unmatched selection of flies that will enhance your angling experience.  By choosing our product you get a direct line of communication to your seller and dedicated individuals who are eager to help in any aspect of the fly fishing journey.  Whether you are a seasoned angler or a first timer to the sport, Eclipse has got you covered.  Give us a shout, our response and production times can’t be beat!


 What if I don't know which flies to choose?

 Eclipse is well aware of the complicated nature of fly fishing and fly selection.  As much as possible, we want your experience to be a positive one.  PLEASE do not hesitate to ask questions, you can reach me directly at info@eclipseflyco.com or at (804)380-9769.  I’m always happy to talk shop, help with selection, or point you in the right direction.

…On our product catalog? 

Fly selection is vast and complicated.  Most, particularly online, retailers offer a confusingly huge variety of flies, as well as specific variations of each fly.  Our goal is to make the consumer experience more convenient.  We have meticulously chosen variations of each fly that have been most productive based on personal and customer experience.  Our listing quantities (normally 1/2 dozen) have been chosen to maintain tying efficiency, while still allowing customers to choose a variety of different patterns.  We are constantly updating and adding new flies, so be sure to check in regularly to see what is new!

…On material quality? 

Product integrity is paramount at Eclipse.  We have meticulously selected materials that are of the highest quality, durability, and productivity.  Eclipse DOES NOT use any toxic materials, including lead, head cements, etc.  For more information regarding materials quality please feel free to contact us.

 Which flies for my area?

Stream ecology varies, and Eclipse wants to help tip the odds in your favor no matter where you are fishing.  Our flies have been fished comprehensively in the lower 48, but also in many countries, and multiple continents, with exceptional results.  They are tied to be broadly imitative, though we are always open to consultation for your specific area.  Please reach out for recommendations and guidance!

…On fly durability? 

Our tying methods are heavily based around fly durability. Flies, however, are fragile by nature, and are being put up against a notoriously feisty creature. Should you have a fly that comes apart in less than three fish, I'm happy to replace it. I'm comfortable with the honor system, so if this happens just give me a shout and I'll send replacements!

How long before my flies ship?

Eclipse has a tentative production time, which currently is 4-6 DAYS.  Our production time will never exceed the 5-7 day threshold, in which case all incoming orders will cease.  Our goal is to always provide quick, exceptional service and to never have customers wait unreasonably long to receive their flies.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Yes, Eclipse is happy to return or exchange items.  Please refer to the returns/exchanges section in the website footer.

Do you tie in bulk quantity?

Of course!  Although limited quantities are listed on each product, Eclipse is happy to accommodate bulk orders.  Normal processing times do not apply to bulk orders.  Special rates are available on certain amount thresholds.  Contact us for more details!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Eclipse is happy to ship internationally.  Rates are calculated at checkout, and typically are around $15.00 USD.   Free Shipping promotions do not apply to international shipping.  Please contact for info@eclipseflyco.com for further details or questions.