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3 - Bronze Dagger Micro Leech
3 - Bronze Dagger Micro Leech

3 - Bronze Dagger Micro Leech

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The 'Bronze Dagger' is a Micro Leech pattern build for versatility.  It's copper color profile successfully imitates a swath of aquatic species including leeches, baitfish and earthworms.  Additionally, a shiny opal body provides excellent contrast and attractive capabilities.  This fly will plummet and position properly in an instant, and with a resin-secured rib will guarantee its longevity.  Drift it low and slow, and never forget to swing it high!   Tied with competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these flies will sink rapidly, drift properly, and aid in a smooth fighting/landing process.  

This kit includes THREE (3) flies and is available in sizes #12 and #16.   (#12 tied with 3.8mm tungsten bead and #16 tied with 3.3mm tungsten bead)     

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