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6 - Hot Squirrel Emerger
6 - Hot Squirrel Emerger

6 - Hot Squirrel Emerger

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The ‘Hot Squirrel’ is an attractor-style emerger with exceptional ability to find the pickiest fish.  Designed to get down low and swing high, this bug targets every portion of the water and is effective no matter the situation.  A fluorescent tungsten bead is complemented by a holographic ribbed body of blended Fox Squirrel and SLF dubbing.  Additionally, a split dubbed collar of Spiky Fox fibers and SLF provide bugginess and movement.  Proper shine, contrast, and volume create a uniquely effective, translucent appearance that will not go unnoticed.  Tied with competition-grade hooks and tungsten, these flies will sink rapidly, drift properly, and aid in a smooth fighting/landing process.  

This kit includes SIX (6) flies and is available in sizes #14 and #16.  (#14 tied with 3.3mm tungsten bead, #16 tied with 2.8mm tungsten bead)

Eclipse Fly Co has a current production time of 5-7 days, and guarantees ultimate satisfaction with every product.  Each fly is put through rigorous quality control and will arrive as pictured!